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'WAHH' is a popular word in India that is similar to the word ‘Wow’. WAHH WorldFusion Band is a spectacular blend of ‘East meets West’ in true Fusion Music style. Trailblazers of a unique and multiform sound, WAHH is rooted in India’s rich traditional musical culture and enveloped in an artful weave of Jazz, Rock and Funk.


Tabla Maestro, Vocalist, Multi-Percussionist and Composer Shankh Lahiri formed 'WAHH World Fusion Band’ out of his desire to combine his traditional musical origins from India with his current and contemporary musical explorations from the West. In addition, Shankh’s deep appreciation of other Cultural Music from around the world inspired his organization of the band. WAHH’s band members are all highly skilled and seasoned musicians that seamlessly weave their musical expertise into a symbiotic and tightly intertwined musical design. Joining Shankh,


WAHH features the amazing Peter Mongaya on Guitar, with jaw-dropping guitar licks and solos, the innovative and stunningly agile Rajib Karmakar on his incredible Sitar , the expertly diversified Michael Washington on Drums and Percussion, highly creative Guianna on Vocal and Young talented Seth Lynn on Bass.


Reflecting prominent, traditional Indian influences and strong Western influences, WAHH World Fusion Band also brings in subtle influences from the Middle East and Africa. The music is original, captivating and colorfully dynamic. It is mostly instrumental, occasionally dotted with emotional Indian style vocals or mesmerizing ‘Rhythmic Scatting’ by Shankh. WAHH’s live performances often showcase Shankh spontaneously engaging an eager audience into a Rhythmic frenzy of irresistible clapping along and ‘call and response’ participation. WAHH’s compelling compositions seduce listeners into an adventurous soundscape of sublime contemplation, surprising musical turns and infectious, high-energy grooves. Their congruent fit of Eastern and Western instruments, masterful fusing of musical genres and artful combination of traditional and modern musical expression appeals to wide and diverse audiences with a distinct Global Appeal.

Best of the Bay' 2016 winner WAHH World Fusion Band debuted their first performance in Tampa in 2009. From that day on, WAHH! World Fusion Band quickly exploded onto the scene. Since then they have performed at prestigious venues throughout the United States such as 'The House of Blues' and 'The Mint' in L.A, Rockwood Music Hall, Silvana and The Shrine in New York City, Straz Center of Performing Arts and many others.


They have also performed at many Festivals including India Festival across the U.S and here at home in Tampa Bay for the Gasparilla Music Festival, Tropical Heatwave and was specially featured for the 'Lights on Tampa' event. After WAHH's first CD Liberation, they released their second CD Brother Ray on April, 1st - 2018 at Skippers in Tampa and the band blessed to had multiple CD release tours in Atlanta, North Carolina and Charlotte. Wahh’s Collaboration with ‘Mystic India World Tour’ - 2018 was a very unique project. 


Wahh also time to time features Kathak and Contemporary Dance performers live with the band to give a complete experience to the audiences. We believe we have a distinct global appeal and far-reaching ability to grow and bring more people together- across cultures, through the power of Music. 

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