WAHH World Fusion Band

WAHH! World Fusion Band – Members: Shankh Lahiri – Tablas, Vocal, Harmonium and Percussion Peter Mongaya – Guitar, Ray Villadonga – Bass, Michael Washington – Drums and Percussion *Featured Guest Artists* – Abhik Mukherjee – Sitar, Rajib Karmakar- Sitar and E-sitar, Jay Gandhi – Bansuri Flute.

‘WAHH’ is a popular word in India that is similar to the word ‘Wow’. WAHH World Fusion Band is a spectacular blend of ‘East meets West’ in true Fusion Music style. Trailblazers of a unique and multiform sound, WAHH is rooted in India’s rich traditional musical culture and enveloped in an artful weave of Jazz, Rock and Funk. Tabla Maestro, Vocalist, Multi-Percussionist and Composer Shankh Lahiri formed ‘WAHH World Fusion Band’ out of his desire to combine his traditional musical origins from India with his current and  contemporary musical explorations from the West. In addition, Shankh’s deep appreciation of other Cultural Music from around the world inspired his organization of the band.

Wahh World Fusion Band Performs at Tropical HeatwaveWAHH’s band members are all highly skilled and seasoned musicians that seamlessly weave their musical expertise into a symbiotic and tightly intertwined musical design. Joining Shankh, WAHH features the amazing Peter Mongaya on Guitar, with jaw-dropping guitar licks and solos, the expertly diversified Michael Washington on Drums and Percussion and highly creative Ray Villadonga on Bass…the innovative and stunningly agile Rajib Karmakar on his incredible ‘E- Sitar’ with prestigious and frequent Guest Artists- Sitar Maestro Abhik Mukherjee and the one and only Jay Ghandi on Bansuri Flute.

GMF6-concentrateReflecting prominent, traditional Indian influences and strong Western influences, WAHH World Fusion Band also brings in subtle influences from the Middle East and Africa. The music is original, captivating and colorfully dynamic. It is mostly instrumental, occasionally dotted with emotional Indian style vocals or mesmerizing ‘Rhythmic Scatting’ by Shankh. WAHH’s live performances often showcase Shankh spontaneously engaging an eager audience into a Rhythmic frenzy of irresistible clapping along and ‘call and response’ participation.Wahh World Fusion Band WAHH’s compelling compositions seduce listeners into an adventurous soundscape of sublime contemplation, surprising musical turns and infectious, high-energy grooves. Their congruent fit of Eastern and Western instruments, masterful fusing of musical genres and artful combination of traditional and modern musical expression appeals to wide and diverse audiences with a distinct Global Appeal.

Shankh Lahiri

Tabla Maestro, Composer, Founder for WAHH! World Fusion Band.

Wahh World Fusion BandFounder of WAHH! World Fusion Band and it’s primary Composer, multi-talented Shankh Lahiri comes from a family with a long tradition of Indian Classical Music and learned from his Father, Guru Ravi Lahiri. Shankh continued his intensive musical training with world renowned Pt. Nayan Ghosh. He graduated in both Tabla and Vocal from ‘Sangeet Visharad’ in West Bengal. As an established Indian Classical Musician, Shankh has performed with many top artists, such as Pt. Jasraj, Arati Ankalikar and Nayan Ghosh. Shankh is also the Founder & foremost Music Instructor of the Shruti Association of International Music based in Tampa, Fl that promotes Indian Classical Music as well as Inter-Cultural Music. Shankh has balanced his musical career, both as a respected Indian classical Touring Artist in Tabla and as a thriving World Fusion Musician as a Vocalist & Multi –Percussionist.

Peter Mongaya

Guitarist for WAHH! World Fusion Band

Peter-MongoyaAs a professional musician for over 22 years, Peter has extensive experience in performing and teaching music. Growing up in Denmark, Peter graduated from ‘Sankt Annae Gymnasium’- a prominent Music School in Copenhagen where he specialized in Jazz, Funk, World Music and Fusion performance. As one of the most in- demand Guitar teachers in the Tampa Bay area, Peter is the owner of ‘Musicology’, a prominent Music School in Clearwater, Fl. Peter is quickly gaining recognition in the Global Music field and has performed with numerous Internationally touring Music Groups including Rick Derringer, Chuck Loeb, Richard Elliott, Joe Piscopo (from SNL), Walter Beasley, Euge Groove, Warren Hill, Eric Darius, Paul Taylor and many others.

Rajib Karmakar

E-Sitarist for WAHH! World Fusion Band

Rajib-KarmakarBorn in a highly cultured musical family from Bengal, Rajib is one of the most promising young musicians on the World Music scene. He also had the proud privilege of having learned from great musicians like Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan, Rajib is also the creator of the world’s first double-necked electric Sitar called the ” MAYUR TANTRI”. An L.A, California resident, he continues his music studies with Ustad Aashish Khan in between his frequent performances around the world. Rajib’s widespread experience in the Fusion Music genre is well noted and his musical style and fine-tuned skills are a distinct, cornerstone sound of WAHH! World Fusion Band.

Ray Villadonga

Bassist for WAHH! World Fusion Band

Ray-VilladongaA successful musician and popular Radio DJ for WMNF, Ray has performed with musical heavyweights such as Robert Plant, Johnny Winter, Acoustic Alchemy and many more. Ray studied Music Composition from the University of South Florida with Larry Austin, Hilton Jones, John Mizell and contra bass with Dee Moses. As a highly intellectual Artist, Ray – also known as a creative songwriter for his own band of many years ‘Rayzilla’s Dreamboats’, currently shares his wide knowledge and passion for World Music as well as his unique and creative musical talent with WAHH! World Fusion Band.

Abhik Mukherjee

Sitar Maestro for WAHH! World Fusion Band

Abhik-MukherjeeAbhik was born in Calcutta, India in a family with a rich musical and educational heritage. A torch-bearer of the Imdadkhani Gharana, Abhik is a gold–medalist from the Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata, with a Master’s in Musicology. Abhik is highly regarded as a prestigious, internationally touring Sitar Artist from around the World in the Indian Classical field as well as World Fusion Music. A resident of New York, Abhik was also honored to be chosen to perform for U.S President Barack Obama performing for the celebration of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.‘s Memorial in Washington DC sharing the stage with Music legends Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder.

Michael Washington

Drummer/ Percussionist for WAHH! World Fusion Band

Michael-WashingtonBorn into a Musical family rooted in Gospel Music, Michael is a highly regarded Drummer, Percussionist and Music Educator. He has extensive knowledge and performance experience in North African, Middle Eastern and Afro Cuban hand percussion as well as keen western skills rooted in Jazz, Rock, Funk, R& B and World Music. Before joining WAHH! World Fusion Band, Michael performed for 6 years in Tokyo, as well as other parts of Asia and the Middle East. Michael’s wide range of World Percussion skills has a significant imprint on the unique multi-form sound of WAHH! World Fusion Band.

Jay Gandhi

Bansuri Flute for WAHH! World Fusion Band

Jay-GandhiJay is a truly outstanding desciple of the world renowned Bansuri Maestro, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia. His musical pursuits are not limited to that of the India – he has great love for the music of the African Culture, America’s Classical Music as well as Jazz and frequently performs in these musical environments. In 2004, he completed an Individual Major in Jazz Performance at Oberlin College/Conservatory of Music (Ohio). Jay is an in-demand, internationally touring musician who is highly regarded as a leading Bansuri Flutist – not only in the Indian Classical Field, but also in the Western Music field.

Heather DeRigo

Percussionist and Co-Founder of WAHH! World Fusion Band

Drummer/ Percussionist for WAHH! World Fusion Band Heather DeRigo is CoFounder and Assistant Director of Shruti A.I.M. Born into a musical family, where both her parents, as well as many other family members were professional, touring musicians, Heather naturally took to the world of music. She has performed with many leading musicians in various genres of Music and also has performed in India with various Indian Fusion Bands. She was selected to perform at the prestigious Coke Studio with Ash King under the Musical Direction of world renowned Drummer, Ranjit Barot.